A collection of stories about life, humor, people, animals derived from different cultures, people, and people’s lives. Just click on the each link to leaf through the stories.

Ketsana’s Gifts

How to Deal with Annoying Seatmates

Strangers You Know: Different Definitions of Tanghod

Professional Ways of Avoiding Workplace Gossips

Why do Birds Flock? Is it Because They Have the Same Feathers or Just a Sense of Belongingness?

Leaving a Deadly Habit

How I Trust People…

Seeing the Wholeness of Life Based on Your Own perspective

Killing Them With Kindness Is My Favorite Defense Mechanism – What’s Yours?

That’s Why We Have Coffee Breaks..

Why Coffee?

Coping Mechanisms Coffee Has

My Kid Once Had Dyslexia

Kindness Pays

Story of Appreciation  

A Mother’s Gift

The Story of Three Trees

The Little Hut


A Mother’s Kick

Always Had It, Always Will

A Little Boy Named Jimmy

The Story of a Blind Girl

A Christmas Miracle

My Little Brother and Me

The Hospital Window  

The Power of Words

Helpless Love

What Goes Around Comes Around


Letter on the Kitchen Table

God’s Coffee

The Old Man and the Dog

What He Valued Most

Ice cream

Judge by the Looks

The Glasses

The Wallet

Something for Stevie

Lincoln Never Quits


A Valentine Story

The Father’s Eyes

The Rat Trap

The Ice -Skating Competition

A Stranger Passed By

God’s Scent

The Park Bench

The Carpenter

Letting Go

Left Behind

Learning Petals

Live and Work

Two castle Builders

Stop Waiting… 

The story of a woodcutter 

Arms and Legs for Others

Unexpected Lessons

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Another chance

What I Have Learnt…

Yesterday’s Door

Powerful Lesson

You Reap What You Sow


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