scribbled corner

  This bookshelf encloses scribbled and collected   impulsive insights delivered in a particular mode of concept. This shelf is also open for interaction, discussion, and comments.   Just click on each article link to start reading…

Self-Talk – How To Motivate Yourself Alone

Packaging Yourself With Confidence

Is Psychotherapy Applicable In The Philippines?

Dealing With People With Personality Disorders

Why Women Avoid Sex

Drug Abuse Versus Family

Offense & Realization

Bringing Off Depression by Keeping Stress Out of your Work Agenda

Philippine Bills to Ponder

When Should You Suck Up?

Protect Yourself from Sugar-coated Evil Manipulation

How to Ruin Your Reputation

Social Network Posts/ Shout Outs – A New Defense Mechanism?

Achieving Your Goals by Honing Your Skills through Workshops

Determine Your Skills and Enrich Them through Workshops

Take Advantage of Workshops to Enhance Your Skills and Acquire New Ones

Workshops Help Employers in Improving Their Employees’ Skills and Self-Esteem

Workshops Produce Multi-Skilled People Employers Need The Most

The Current state of Philippine education in the concept of globalization

Why Coffee?

Coping Mechanisms Coffee Has

Getting to Know Your Anxiety Well

Animal Facts

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