Care to Share?

1.Everyone needs a friend. As the cliché goes, “no man is an island”, each individual has to be with someone or needs to be with someone.  Boredom comes in when nothing special happens in your life.

They say, “You have to spice up your life!” But how? Now, that is the best time for friends to come in. People spice other people’s lives. That’s how it goes.

However, everyone has his own definition of “spicing up life”.  Life is not always an exhibition of happy times. Life also covers moments of despair, failure, and rejection.  Again, friends participate in these moments and offer enlightenment, courage, inspiration, and motivation.

But looking at another angle, friends are not the only people affected by your interaction. Let’s call them as “others”. These others are your neighbors or simply the people you are not that close with. People, whom you see everyday, interact with, deal with, or talk with, people whom you don’t feel like as friends but are there for some reasons. You can’t easily remove these other people from the picture.

Good question to throw here is, “how sensitive are you whenever you express your “moments of life”?  If you’re so happy, you tend to shake your nearest friend and share that elation with her. But when you’re so down and so frustrated, you tend to talk to your friends for hours and even days so you can vent out and release all the negatives that you obtained from that bad moment.

After expressing all happy and sad moments, how does your friend feel about it? Of course, your friend will either be happy for you or be as frustrated and sometimes more frustrated than you are.

But, let’s move out from the friendship compartment again.  What about thinking how the other people around you feel after hearing you out.  Manic moments, regardless if it’s happy or sad, will always be exhibited by the person several times before it wades off.  Don’t you think it’s too tiring for you to be repetitive in displaying the same happy faces and frowning curses everyday of your life?

Honestly speaking, YES!!!!  It’s tiring not only by the exhibitors but to all spectators as well. The critical part here is if the exhibitor has an influential character and the spectator has a spongy character. If it’s in the friendship compartment, these two characters are present but you will also find that the spongy ones can be a façade.

For me, it’s better to have a spongy character in the surface so you can avoid absorbing the negatives from the exhibitor. May it be your friend or not, a surface spongy character is an advantage. It serves as a switch that you can easily turn off if you don’t feel like listening or watching your friend display the usual drama of his life over and over again.

Sharing is good as it leads to a lot of virtues. But sharing the grudge of your friends and embellishing it is called emotively emotional. People who dwell or take pleasure of doing this have histrionic personalities and tendencies. Not a good time for a friend to participate in a long period or so.


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