The Ice-Skating Competition

In China back in the 1970’s most of the people were isolated from the world with no outside TV or news.  China decided to enter ice dancing in the Olympics and called upon a boy named Yoew Bin who grew up skating.
The Chinese started training couples for intering the skating competition.  Because of the isolation of China, they only had to go by some imported newspaper clippings and what their inexperienced coaches knew.
Even though they were rusty they left China for the first time to enter the World Championships.  There was not enough money for the coaches to go so they went alone, not knowing anything about the world outside China and only speaking Chinese.  Their skating was terrible in competition and they fell many times.  The crowd laughed at them as they left the ice.  Yeow Bin left the ice dejected but determined.
Over the next 30 years he became a coach and with great determination he developed the Chinese ice skaters into world-class competitors.Shen and Zhao were his skaters that he trained in China over the last few years and planned on entering them into the 2006 Olympics.
But the male skater had an accident 2 years ago and cut his Achilles tendon in two.  He had surgery to repair his tendon and many people doubted he would skate again.
He continued to train as best he could with his foot in a cast.
The couple trained and practiced hard.  Zhao had to get a special ice skate shoe big enough to support his repaired heel.
They entered into 2006 Olympics
and Monday night won third place Bronze.
Yeow’s other skating team was Zhang Hao and Zhang Dan.  They were a dynamic couple with very good jumps.
They decided to try what had never been done in Olympic history:  a quadruple salchow.   Monday night he threw Zhang Dan into the air for this never been done maneuver.
She landed wrong and crashed to the ice damaging her left knee.
She could barely stand after sliding into the retaining wall.
She was helped off the ice where she was checked over by coach Yeow Bin.  After a few minutes they decided to try and finish their performance and pickup where they left off.
They skated carefully for the next part of their routine.
And finished the rest of their performance flawlessly to the standing ovation of the whole coliseum. Even with the fall, they won second place receiving the silver medal.  Many couples would have quit after such an embarrassing and painful fall.
And then there was the Russian Couple Totmiyanina and Marinin.
They had an accident 1 year ago in competition when during a hand lift maneuver his skate caught an edge.
Marinin fell to the ice hitting her head and knocked unconscious.
She was put in the hospital a few days where she regained consciousness.  He was devastated and lost all of his confidence.  Many skaters would have quit after such a tragedy.
They gradually skated simple moves and advanced back to jumps and lifts.
Monday night they skated their best and won the Gold.
All three of these couples over came setbacks, hardships, and physical pain.
There is a Chinese saying:
The strong and beautiful tree of success
grows from the seedling of failure and struggle.
You will only achieve your goals by hard work and determination.


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