The Power of Words

Two altar boys lived in two different cities, serving in different churches, but both of them wanted to become priests. Both of them had the exact same experience.

One altar boy was late for Mass. Because he was in a hurry to do everything he needed to do, he accidentally hit the chalice that contained the wine.
After the Mass, the priest called the boy and shouted. “Get of here! You’ll never serve as an altar boy again!”

At another church, the altar boy was also late for Mass. And he, too, hit the chalice that contained the wine, pouring it unto the red carpet. After the Mass, the priest, who happened to be a bishop, called the altar boy and said, “Hey, everybody makes mistakes. I’m clumsy too. And you know what? Maybe you’ll become a priest, too,” he chuckled.

Thirty years later, the second altar boy became Archbishop Fulton Sheen, one of the most loved religious leaders in America. And the other altar boy? He became Joseph Tito, an atheist and the ruthless dictator of Yugoslavia.

Words are powerful. They can heal or bless. They can encourage or destroy.


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