My Kid Once Had Dyslexia

Being a mother of three sons really gave me the experience worth remembering.  Each kid gave me a different educating experience but my youngest provided me the most exceptional.  I observed my youngest as dyslexic during his toddler years. I noticed it from him when I was teaching him his first ABC’s like how I taught his elder brothers before entering him in pre-school.
As how I am oriented with the term dyslexia, it is a learning disability if we are talking about kids. However, if we are talking about adults, it is considered a learning disorder.  Dyslexia is quite normal to find among kids, especially during their toddler years or the age before you introduce them to pre-school.  This developmental stage, which is described to be a very crucial one is very important and really calls for patience when dealing with it.  You have to hold a lot of precautionary measures when rearing kids in this age and effort must really be extended for dyslexic kids.

I still look on other books on developmental stages to better equip myself in understanding my kid because I know dyslexia is temporary during childhood and I do not have any plans to have my kid carry it until high school.  So the first thing I did was I educated myself on the kid’s condition.  There are no medications or drugs and not even counseling is involved in treating dyslexia.  It only calls for understanding and use of proper educational tools.

Since kids are easily attracted using their vision, I used the television in educating him.  I switched to pre-school educating channels so that he can also enjoy what he is watching.  Kids learn faster when they enjoy it and their first learning method is always watch and learn.  I took advantage of all important tips I got from school and made use of the television properly.  When I observed that my kid was already prepared to run down his first ABC book, that was the only time I encouraged him to hold it and began our reading sessions.  It actually took a little delay when I entered him in pre-school to avoid any culture shock but it was my kid who already told me that he wants to go to school and he is already prepared.  That was the only sign that I was waiting for and off to school he went.

I was confident of my kid’s preparation at that time although there were still some couple of teacher’s observation that there are still dyslexic moments but were not alarming ones so I was able to stop worrying about my youngest son’s condition.

My youngest is now in Junior high school, I am well-rested in terms of his learning abilities.  Why is that so?  Well, he became a scholar when he reached fourth grade and yes, it is true that dyslexia is a temporary disability in kids and can be treated easily by using parent’s understanding and use of proper educational tools.


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