Getting to Know Your Anxiety Well

I guess everyone has his or her own fear or apprehension.  Shrinks oftentimes call them anxiety.  This is that vague feeling or sometimes an unpleasant emotion in a certain condition.  This feeling is so strange that you yourself cannot understand why you react that way towards an undefined event, person, or thing.  Whenever you try to face this strange fear, you mostly end up crouching  or sweating out profusely.  Some even end up in panic and worse, develop the anxiety into a phobia.

    So how do these fears come about or come into open?
Well, if you would analyze the frequency of these fears or just observe the entire event around you, you can easily identify if it is a what, a who, or a when that basically triggers your anxiety.  However, since most of the time, we chicken out when analyzing or observing that fearful event, you eventually end up imagining or pretending that there is no fear at all to avoid embarrassment.  But then again, have you ever challenged yourself to face that fear or just at least peek behind the cause of that fear?  You must remember that on all types of problems, finding the root cause is always the number one step whatever procedure you may want to use.  No matter how scientific that procedure would be, the cause always provides all the reference you need to understand, assess, manage, and finally solve the problem.

Normally, most anxieties develop from horrible experiences and fixations.  Whatever prevailing memory these unforgettable events and arrested developments bring about are what we call anxieties.  Some would say anxieties are normal to humans, however, if these anxieties disturb your daily interrelationship with your environment, the anxieties are not healthy or normal to consider anymore.  Especially if these anxieties have developed into a habit or phobia.  Just try to imagine how can people with agoraphobia live their life without going out of their homes. Or those people with claustrophobia, do you ever imagine these people when they get trapped inside an elevator?  For normal people, you might simply say or think that there is nothing wrong about it or what strange thing would happen next if that would be so?  Unfortunately for people who has phobia or extreme anxieties, life is difficult for them to face everyday since their anxieties almost rule their life or condition their behavior, making them appear strange and even abnormal to a normal human being.

At one moment in my life, I have my anxiety rule over me. Let me share how I faced that challenging event with my own anxiety.  I tried to observe myself whenever that anxiety pops out.  Eventually, I was able to identify what causes it.  Actually, most of the causes of our anxiety are experiential.  This means, it is either we grew up with it or it is a very memorable event that does not want to leave you or the other way around.  The challenging tip I just shared with you is actually an example of a behavioral psychotherapy.  Nowadays, we have different shrinks who conduct different approach or orientation in treating extreme anxiety, unwanted habit, and phobia.  You can either choose an individual or group therapy.  The treatments mostly consist of numerous sessions until the anxiety withers off.   Even if you have finished the sessions, there are even times that these shrinks still receive the same people as patients because of relapse and feelings of inadequacies.  In this phase, you would observe the strength of moral support can do to help these people in facing their challenging anxieties.

You must remember that anxieties can be dangerous when not identified and treated.  Upon detection of any anxiety, it is always the best move to face it and seek for the appropriate professional help when necessary.  Pure assumptions cannot be used alone when dealing with anxiety.  It takes a lot of understanding the history and chronicles of affected events. As for my fear, I did not really overcome it but I was able to control it. Having a supportive family really helps a lot in this kind of challenge.


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