That’s Why We Have Coffee Breaks..

           The industries we have nowadays, whatever their lines of business are still proceed on a fast pace and most of the time really do not sleep at all. The recession has really taken its toll on the economy all around the world.  However, if you could just take a deeper look, the people who are affected by this giant recession still look at the brighter side, some can still stretch a smile on their faces to get by the dreary reality.

          You can see many touching scenarios during coffee breaks. Yes, during their coffee breaks, where they usually share their own thoughts in spite of the heartrending economy.  Coffee breaks are good referees that can pause a stressing everyday work. And this is where we have our favorite beverage, coffee. This is the only break where it has a beverage name on it.

          Any idea why coffee break was named that way?

Well, there are many reasons behind the name. First, what do we get from coffee? Conducted studies demonstrated the effects of caffeine in coffee and from other beverages like increased alertness. Therefore, caffeine helps in enhancing alertness and attentiveness and eventually, leads to better performance at work.

          During coffee breaks, we unwind and pause for a while to recharge ourselves. Since it has been revealed that caffeine impacts positively on alertness and performance, this can also elevate the overall mood while resting.  So basically speaking, your coffee breaks are recharging time and mood modifier during your working day so that you can feel good and better once the working hours begin again. This, in turn, will make you more productive and efficient all throughout.

          The awesome thing about these coffee breaks is that most of the coffee shops make so much coffee experiments to suit everyone’s taste during coffee breaks. The versions of the coffees multiply and almost matches so many individual preferences now, making each coffee break so special and perfect to shake off those work-related woes.

          Regardless of the weary recession, we can still find ourselves enjoying cups of coffees during our coffee breaks of every job or jobs we hold, which is why we have coffee breaks.


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