Self-Talk – How To Motivate Yourself Alone

We always get that dumbfounded look whenever we see people talking to their selves. Then we call them crazy or on their way to losing grip of their selves. However, little do other people know that when you talk to your self –  it is something that you do, which I bet you will eventually be claiming you somehow have done it or do it  after reading this through. Actually, most of the common times when you talk to yourself is during contemplation and/or reflection. Do not be afraid when you do this. It is still normal. The only time it becomes not normal is when you do this alone in a crowd of strangers everyday, every hour, every minute.

Self talk is actually considered a therapy for self-help. It is where we feel that we are aware of what our selves are doing. What is even better about it is when we seek insights from our own actions. Take note that when you talk to yourself, it is a natural hallmark of yourself being a human, standing above other types of species.

I mentioned a while ago that we all do it. Of course, we do. self talk is done mentally, not just literally talking to yourself. However, in some therapeutic sessions, therapists use the verbal way to grasp realization for their clients for psychological reasons. What we actually measure in doing self talk is not whether you do it or not. Of course, there is nothing to measure if in case you will not claim doing so. The important thing measured in self talk is what you say to yourself. The content of your internal communication.

For some, they even refer self talk as their conscience is striking up on you,scolding you, or even supplying you with all the types of influence there is, may it be good or bad. This way, you are actually becoming your own therapist. You study your actions, judgments, then measure them from your own perspective. It is a healthy way to maintain your mental health and outlook in life. You are enriching your self-awareness by doing so. Eventually, you are establishing yourself a firm podium, making yourself stronger, more confident, and motivated. Your realization towards your experiences turns out to be broader as you can draw positive insights from them. You get to learn from them. You can even generate your own therapy by just being aware of the functions yourself have.


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