Why Women Avoid Sex

Human sexual activity pertains to the sexual behavior of humans expressing their sexuality. This may involve sexual arousal, sexual intercourse or mating, and achieving orgasm. Others are basically sexual displays like masturbating, petting, flirting, and foreplay. However, for some reasons, a couple may encounter problems in performing sex, where a sexual partner tries to avoid performing these sexual activities, particularly women avoiding to engage in sexual intercourse.

Women may have a lot of excuses on all things, even in sexual activities. However, there are always reasons behind those excuses and you will come to understand that their reasons could be valid and are more than just excuses or stalling strategies that most people may think of or could be otherwise. Most of the time, people would think that these women just want to avoid sex is because of their sex partners but actually, it is more than that.

There were reports stating that nearly 25 percent of women admitted that they have avoided sex at one time or another. However, to further put it into details, here are 22 reasons why women avoid engaging in sexual intercourse.

  1. Most women, especially those with competitive industrial careers feel uncomfortable being engaged in sexual intercourse for the fear of losing a beautiful body. They are aware that sexual intercourse is the start of being pregnant and they know that they will be limited in a lot of things once they get pregnant.
  2. Another work-related reason is being bombarded with so much responsibility at work. Too much work can consume most of their time and leads them to avoiding sex just to finish the workload given to them.
  3. Too much work for a woman can also be tedious or tiring and eventually will not have enough energy to be engaged in a sexual intercourse.
  4. There are many women that are turned off by poor physical and dental hygiene.
  5. Physical reasons like they are not feeling well or are experiencing pain in any part of the body also qualify as one of the reasons.
  6. Physical challenges like being crippled in an accident, suffered from an accident, or any medical-related condition that affects the physical body, regardless if women are the ones affected or their partners, may also affect their sexual urges in being engaged in a sexual intercourse.
  7. Psychological challenges like anger containment or simply saying that they are not in the mood just to cover what they are currently feeling may lead to sexual activity avoidance.
  8. Stressed and depressed women most likely want to avoid sex.
  9. Traumatic sexual experiences and molestations can also lead to sex avoidance.

10. Physical appearance like obesity can affect the psychological thinking of a woman when being invited to engage in sexual intercourse.

11. Aging can also affect the physical abilities of a woman in performing sex as well as the level of arousal. Studies show that the frequency of intercourse decreases with age.

12. There were studies on postmenopausal women experiencing decrease in frequency of sexual intercourse.

13. There are women who profile their partners’ sexual bed performance like having an unsatisfying sexual experience can lead to a “no” to the next invites.

14. The feeling of being “used” definitely makes a woman withdraw from having sex with any man.

15. Finding out that your man is a “gay”.

16. Infidelity or finding out that your man is seeing another woman or the woman is seeing another man.

17. Cultural aspects such as experimenting on sex and social aspects such as emotional intimacy and maintaining a relationship contribute a lot.

18. Sexual morality, religion, sexuality, and norm can affect a woman’s sexual urges.

19. Sexual orientations of women vary depending on how they were brought up or how they are influenced by their environment.

20. Living in a lifestyle, where there is a time for everything, other women may also reason out that it is not the right time for them to have sexual intercourse.

21. Women who are sensitive in family planning may consider sex avoidance a good way to plan childbirth effectively.

22. Homosexuality like lesbianism makes a woman avoid having sex with the opposite sex.

Actually, these reasons do not just happen in the U.S. alone. This can also be possible in other countries, where social norms and religion are contributing factors, particularly in the Asian countries. Women do not just avoid sex due to physical reasons alone. They avoid sex due to emotional, mental, socio-cultural, religious, and psychological reasons as well.


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