Why Do Birds Flock? – Is It Because They Have The Same Feathers? Or Just A Sense Of Belongingness?

This is one well-known idiom or metaphor used by so many people when they are looking for their own crowd. Similar to animals where dogs have their own pack, fish having their own school, sheep and cattle’s own herd.

For people, they sometimes call it a pack, a gang, a club, a hood, and many more. These crowds sometimes have a requirement for membership. A requirement that cannot be considered critical or an eligibility. It is something we see in other people we come across with but not necessarily a stringent requirement in some sense.

In Psychology, Abraham Maslow considers this as one of the human needs. It is even situated third on his hierarchy of needs, a part of  his theoretical social needs. A stage where we feel acceptance, connections, intimacy, that “feeling of belongingness”. An absence of denial, rejection, incompleteness, or simply a completion of a human emotional puzzle.

Everyone can easily relate to this because of a need for human connections. We basically interact with each other, directly or indirectly. The quote “you cannot just live alone” applies to all. Interaction is what makes everyone connected and this need even leads to a lot of inventions just to make sure the connection maintains. We now have transportation and communication tools to bridge our ways in reaching out for someone.

Unfortunately, this need also causes negative impacts. The attachments resulting from these connections have created barriers to suppress or even destroy other connections’ attachments as well. The strength of the attachment that was built up had some negative perception towards different connections for some reasons. Reasons that somehow alarm the involved to react in a sense not acceptable to some. World war I and II are just a few major examples to cite. Friends and crowds fight each other verbally and physically because of certain suppression and destruction of their own connections.

As much as I want to call this a wonder, it holds my points of view to consider it. However, it is always a compilation of subjective reasoning for me to qualify this to be a wonder, which can be negated by many. Arguments and debates usually occur to defend their own opinions of different orientation and school of thought, which is actually a normal reaction of a human. I would also feel the same and might even formulate and generate my own defensive barrier in shielding mine.

The fulfillment of these human needs can even cause a lot of chaos to a lot of our fellow humans. However, if you could notice when animals do their own defensive actions; they display an animalistic carnage. Carnage that when viewed by a human is normal. But when humans perform this type of carnage, there are many people who will despise it and feel that there is no more moral values involved in the people doing it.

Thus, understanding the social needs indeed requires a lot of understanding as there are a lot of subjective reasoning involved. Subjective reasoning that may hold importance and relevance to some and could be otherwise to some too. I guess Irony best fits the term instead of using wonder. Since all of us can relate and understand but also result to clashes of different ways of understanding it.


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