Seeing The Wholeness Of Life Based On Your Own Perspective

Everyone has his own definition of life. They define life based on how they view it. However, most of their definitions is based on the experiences they had throughout their lives. If you could notice that the definitions transition as people step into a new stage of life.

Based on the stages people go through, the wholeness of life is seen from simplicity by children and undergoes evolution as they step on puberty, adulthood, and senescence.

Children see life as happiness with friends, family, and getting their wishes come true. That is how simple life is for them. Although, I have even believed in this premise before. Which is why I give my best vote for the simple definition of life seen by a child.

As we delve with life longer, we tend to say that we understand how life goes.  As we learn many things and events along the way, we tend to change our definitions as well. Our developing emotions become a contributing factor on how we define it.

Being an adult, it is expected that you define life in a deeper sense. Since you are getting involved with responsibility and obligations, there are times that you define life as somewhat sweet but bitter happiness of a person could have. It is even seen as a challenge or a learning curve. It is not anymore simple. Irony even becomes a part of how life is perceived that clings to a lot of dichotomous dimensions. Life is then perceived in a vague sense. Reasons for these are the experiences people go through. They learn from the experiences, the failures, achievements, and attachments they have in the adult stage.

And last but not the least, life is seen as wisdom in the senescence stage. This is the last evaluation of the wholeness of life. Actually, it is in this stage that you can validate if the simple definition you had when you were a child bears truth or not, as well as the complex definition you had when you were an adult. The treasure trove of experiences you had way back in your younger years are compiled like the books you see in the library.

In this stage, you would also feel regrets for missing out the “coulda, shoulda, and woulda” of life. Experiences people let go without any reasons. These developed emotions also play a part on how they define their wisdom life.

My own perspective only covers the three stages of life although I consider these stages as three grand stages of life and not completing the last grand one. I still see life in an incomplete puzzle from this angle. I said that my best vote goes to the children’s simple life definition and I guess, I will leave it that way despite the number years I have. I want to enjoy it until I reach the last stage. I am sure everyone wishes for that as well.


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