Philippine Bills to Ponder

Have you observed the Filipino law makers are up and running nowadays? From generating political arguments and brainstorming about solutions on how to defeat or at least reduce poverty in the Philippines though obviously did not come up with any solutions at all and eventually gone tired of talking about it, they are now up to generating population-related bills like the RH bill. Now comes the new bill of controversy and debate – the Divorce bill.

Unfortunately, this RH bill only created a havoc of different perceptions from different significant sectors. If you go to mass regularly and have an ear to listen to the Sunday homily, you will notice that some priests spread their major objection against the RH bill. I just lately  learned that they were instructed to do this practice and incorporate in their sermon.  Although, I don’t find anything wrong on how they spread their objections this way, it seems that a unified understanding is quite too far-fetched to expect from both parties. I just find it so paradoxical and that the people’s way of looking at it is more on influencing rather than educating, which I find not so helpful to a lot of people.

While the people haven’t had enough of the RH bill mayhem, here comes the Divorce bill. I would like to laugh at it as a lot of people are now getting into the survey if this bill is worthy to be passed or not. How many times have I received questions regarding my stand toward this bill. My answer? I gave it a yes for the divorce bill even if I’m a married person. I may sound as if I’m running on the same old cliche that I’m very much influenced by the different schools of thoughts in psychology, however, that is how I look at the situation.

A church marriage has always been a woman’s dream, walking down the aisle to share vows with the man she CHOSE to be with the rest of her life. However, we tend to forget the meaning of CHANGE. Others describe it as the only permanent thing in this world. Also, a woman is not born with a predictive power to foresee if a marriage will be successful in the years to come.  Another thing to add is ending up as a punching bag is not a part of a woman’s dream.

Ooops, I think I’m talking too much on the female’s edge. Although men filing for divorce is kinda rare to witness, let’s not forget that they also have that kind of threshold a woman holds when it comes to expressing their injured emotions in their marriage life. They are also humans that can feel pain and rejection. They are not always strong on every challenge they encounter. They also have weaknesses. They even have the same dream such as marrying the woman they want to be with the rest of their lives as well as not dwelling in a life that is full of hatred and curse.

My only thought on these two bills is RESPECT. People hold different reasons regarding their stand on how they look at the objectives of both bills. I’m a family-oriented person who protects the rights of my children. As a parent, I think that is the most important aspect I should be looking at for the mean time. Whatever results that may arise from these two bills, my only hope is that the FUNDS they are spending on the long period of arguments will be worth it. I just hate the fact that people who are watching these arguments and debate are finding PLEASURE and ENJOYMENT from what they see and yet, can’t even contribute a single helpful thought.


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