Packaging Yourself With Confidence

Everyone has this need for belongingness. Whether you are a male or a female, you have this kind of drive in search to fit in a group but most significantly, a search for companionship although most women call this a relationship, which is a connection where it involves feelings, emotions, and attraction. Then there is this maze where you need to find where to start. I call it a maze because most of the time, it is difficult to find and you do not even have any clues where to start looking for it until you get lost.

So how do you start the search by the way? Several people treat this as a million-dollar question because apparently, they know how and where to find it but are unable to put it into action. Reason behind this failure – lack of confidence. Confidence is just simply your freedom from doubt, believing in yourself and all the things that you can do. Some even view confidence as a skill because by just simply grooming yourself properly, making yourself feel good, feeling good.  You can call those signs and symptoms of confidence.
So let us put yourself in a situation of wanting to be noticed by someone special. Of course, you do some stuff you think is special or sweet so as not to mess your image in front of this special someone. That alone is already considered confidence. By just throwing your simple yet best smile, it also indicates your confidence.
However, there is just one big confusion in understanding confidence and I know everyone would agree with me. Most of the time the sole factor being considered is physical appearance. You should not be containing yourself towards vanity. It is true that hygiene counts here but that does not mean that you have to beautify yourself too much for you to feel confident. Indeed, you need to be presentable, however it seems you are heading the wrong way and is basically wanting to impress somebody instead.
Being confident can be delivered in a lot of ways. This is not a subjective stage where you can gauge confidence. It actually has a sister called self-esteem, where you value, admire, and respect yourself. If you have a sense of direction, meaning you have valid reasons, you can just easily feel that from within, forcing to come out of you. Then, there you will see yourself delivered in a manner that is acceptable to you. You can feel this packaged confidence through your speech, gestures, movements, and most especially your smile. You should not be shying away from groups just because you do not dress up like them, you do not have the same stuff as theirs, or any other physical features of differences.
Being confident also means individuality or understanding that it does not mean you are an alien because of so many differences seen on you compared to many. Looks are just one of the many things that can make you stand out. Try to count your abilities, talents, skills, wit, or simply your personality.
Another thing you should consider is how you have handled your experiences in life. Try to make a check list of your experiences. Yes, you may have failures in those experiences but have you thought of what you have gained in exchange of the failure? How you accepted the failed situations in your past actually gears you up on how you will accept and handle future situations. Those situations can be physical, academic, social, spiritual, or even political. Collected experiences really boost not only your confidence but as well as your esteem and how you accept yourself as a person, limiting or eliminating those feelings of inadequacies.
Confidence is just like a ribbon on a present that adds quality in delivering the box. The same where confidence delivers yourself in an image you find acceptable or pleasing. Whenever you are confident about yourself, you are actually doing yourself a favor. That is measuring the value or worth of being an individual. Always remember that confidence is seen on all angles of yourself, how you smile, walk, or present yourself in front of the crowd. Treat yourself uniquely as if you are the only existing type of individual with all those existing gears in you and that you stand out because of this. By then, you would feel your confidence packaged exceptionally.

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