Leaving A Deadly Habit

I can indeed attest that smoking is one deadly habit that is hard to break. I started smoking at the age of 14 and just stopped the habit at the age of 29.That is 15 straight long years of killing myself slowly.it all started from a simple peer pressure and like most peer groups where you need to conform, I tried to smoke, felt good about it, and even felt relief whenever I feel stressed in a situation. Living your puberty stage really harvest a lot of stressful events and that was how I lived that stage.There were lots of search for belongingness, which I found in my friends or just what I’ve thought it was. Then the habit brought me more friends, smoking friends to be exact. Whenever I feel a need to stretch out a bit because of so many lessons needed to be engrossed in myself, I always have a stick or two within my reach or else, I will not feel any comfort of understanding the lessons at all.

However, I guess my body took its toll on me when my respiratory system began to exhaust its bodily functions.I was having tonsillitis every now and then, which does not occur that often before.My colleagues at work often tell me that I might be abusing my self for smoking too much and not having the adequate hours of sleep since I always work at night.

Every time my friends bring me to a doctor, I always receive the same advice to stop smoking. However, I guess I am just a dumb wit person, ignored the advice, and continued with the deadly vice.

Then I was diagnosed of a brain tumor and confined for almost 2 months. Suddenly, my cravings changed. I did not know what came over me and just left all vices behind. I don’t know. I just stopped smoking and drinking. Most friends were actually surprised by the change of craving list. In fact, I myself was also surprised. I have noticed a lot of physical change in me. My attitude towards smoking also changed where I do not feel like smelling the odor anymore. It now belonged in my most-hated odor list.The tumor may be a blessing in disguise or hating to smoke will just eventually happen in the long run.Well, either way, I am definitely loving the result.

Well, smoking has been a part of the past. I am just thankful it became that way since it taught me how to value life more and see things in another perspective without having to conform and risk your health on the line.


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