Drug Abuse Versus Family

Everyone treats family as a place of haven and security; however, there are now incidents where the impact of drug abuse on a certain family is terribly immense, even if it is unintentional. Unfortunately, there are only few families who can handle these types of predicament using the appropriate techniques without embarrassment. The fear of rejection of knowing one family member is inclined to such abuse can create a huge barrier in the family communication and thus, leading to losing the communication outside the family or simply avoiding the outside world to know what is really happening to the affected family. Aside from the anticipated negative impact it creates, there would also be fear from the family members themselves who would dare deal with the issue and sometimes, worst comes to worst, they just let anything happen, as if showing no care due the fear of someone getting hurt.

It is has always been a rare situation where someone in the family would admit that he or she is inclined in any drug abuse with a justifiable reason behind the fondness presented and these factors explaining the inclination are mostly situational.

Focusing on the negative effects of drug abuse on the affected family, physical harassment and abuses, both physical and verbal mostly occur. Instead of having the family as the primary refuge of all members, it will turn the other way around, leading to an unhealthy relationship in the family. With this kind of situation present , it is not far that there will always be someone  who will definitely get hurt.In most family scenarios involving drug abuse, studies revealed that it has always been lack of communication that starts the whole commotion, aggravated by attention-seeking problems.

Once the family is already involved in the drug abuse problem, how to pacify the actual person or people involved would be the hardest part as avoidance is always there. There are times that realization will not come out in the open until someone gets hurt or regret has already taken place before anyone can make an appropriate move.

There may be a lot of family and psychological interventions that may help out in lessening the intensity of the situation; however, without willingness to participate, relapse is most likely to be expected and eventually fail in bringing the family back together.Most of the time, it is pride and lack of family focus hold all participants back in playing their significant roles to reconstruct their family.

Nowadays, drug issues are somehow correlated with family issues.As drug abuse enters a family, it is always the family who would be able to formulate resolutions, fitting all angles.The only hold back from these situations is the unwillingness of participants in family interventions that would play a major role in patching up the torn family events due to drug abuse. If willingness is present among all participants or all concerned members, a variety of effective family interventions will be successful, may it be short or long –termed techniques.Professionals may use both multidisciplinary and behavioral processes in approaching a drug abuse family dysfunction, depending on the severity of the situation.Most of the time, an intervention calls for several sessions with a variety of processes to conduct in order to see progress and assure maintenance of wellness.Other families who feel not confident and unsecured with the proposed techniques to be conducted leave all the processes in rehabilitation centers, particularly for isolated cases.However, when dealing with drug abuse, most processes consider having the whole family participation more effective than other techniques, showing off how relationship alone can approach a dysfunctional family issue in a particular manner.


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