When Should You Suck Up?

Everyone wants to be successful. May it be in school, at work, and even in the family. However, how important is it for someone to be successful? Is it so important that you can place your credibility on the line just to be successful? Anyway, how do you define success? Maybe, providing your own definition of success can be a good start on how you can measure the importance of success in your life.

Let’s try these lines. I’ve been hearing these for quite some time.

 “Success is the fruit of my hardship.  Being successful is the mirror of my hardship and I won’t let anyone ruin what I’ve built”.

This line is a good one, very inspiring as well. However, it seems that success here is dependent on hardship. So, how hard was your hardship? Was it really that hard to reach success?  Okay, I sounded like an insulting person. I asked that question because it is just so vague to understand how you define it.

Let’s try another one.

“Success is the last step of your career. To be successful is to achieve what you wanted to be in the first place”.   

Now, this is something I can somehow accept. It is quite within the reality range of comprehension. There’s a defined goal of what you need to partake in your life or should I say a bit realistic. It is not like a heroic type of being hard on yourself in getting your goal.

I would like to mention a lit more of the frequently heard lines about success and being successful. However, I also want to rub on some of those lame loser-type of defining success.

Most of the lines that I hear from these losers whenever they define success are very realistic and experiential. Most of the time, they define success on how they experience outwitting the success process. It is as if there is no standard process of doing it and there is always a short way of achieving it. They use the term being PRACTICAL on how they achieve their success points.

What I’m trying to point out here are the existing desperate people who want to succeed by being suckers themselves. So, question is does anyone need to be a sucker in order to step a higher level?

This is quite a disparaging question that skews one’s credibility. Again, these people will emphasize on being practical. They will say that you have everything: the brain, the looks and charm, emotional stability, and people skills but you’re still where you are for over centuries. Should you suck up on those people from higher places in order to level up?

Now, this is how it goes for these desperate losers: They laugh when their bosses laugh. They will laugh on their bosses’ corniest jokes. They always say yes though at the bottom of their brain says no. They can stand up all day listening to their bosses’ unending senseless stories. They’re afraid to say no because they fear rejection and being boxed out. BUT, with some suck up strategies, they can withstand these suck up stuff and get to where they want to be in just a matter of some manipulative periods. Their motivating lines: This stand up comic act will only last for a couple of months BUT being where they want to be satisfies them gloriously.

In reality, this happens a lot. People with higher positions take advantage of their subordinates’ hunger for promotion and live like icons. And these suck up subordinates use their practical way of getting there and that is to gratify the higher ups.

So, there you go. It seems like being a suck up indeed receives a lot of merit. But insulting to say, this merit does not hold any significant comportment at all. Moving up is always a choice on how to get there. You can always choose the long method and learn a lot of things the hard way or just simply suck up and step up.


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