Social Network Posts/ Shout Outs – A New Defense Mechanism?

Almost all people and even companies have their own social media network. It’s like a way of branding oneself, i.e. a sense of belongingness. It’s like a fraternity for people who would like to reunite with other people they interacted with in the past and present. For companies, it’s more of internet marketing to boost traffic and improve profits and/or awareness. But the individual accounts are more controversial than any other business social media network account.

Why is that so?

People have different ways of expressing themselves. If you could still remember Friendster that linked everyone who signed in for it to different connections. And we also had MySpace, multiply, etc. However, I guess it’s Facebook and Twitter’s turn now. These two social media networks really have that high for spreading out campaigns. Whatever type of campaign it is, expect that it’s being promoted on Facebook pages and Twitter.

Although  at some point, shout outs and posts are now treated as new personal defense mechanisms. They use these channels to express their emotions. You’ll get to read happy thoughts, sad thoughts, rampaging anger, and controversial rumors. Well, I must admit, I love reading these posts. I actually, spend hours logged in just to check on the daily posts. I have that kind of catch when reading intriguing posts. Posts that tickle and stimulate your sleeping neurons to come alive.

But one thing I’ve observed when reading posts is that you have to be a little sensitive on how to understand them. People have different types of perception and understanding. There will be people who will be reading your post as a statement, some will understand it as a question. Others may find it offensive and maybe I would say it’s just funny.

It’s how you read and understand them. I think that is why I enjoy reading the daily posts, especially if I know the person who is posting it. I get to imagine how they wrote it, how their facial expressions look like when writing it until they press that share button.

But the bottom line there is that social media network posts are mostly generic. It may be hitting something or someone but indirectly. So, you might would want to think 100 times before you express your reaction to a post. Most especially, if there’s no name dropping.

Oh! And one more thing, social media networks are public platform that can be used and abused by anyone. If it’s hitting someone, there is always a button that can be used to ding it. It has a report button. But it seems like some users don’t know how to use it and brings it to other places where it shouldn’t be.  It is not created by any private company. A company can create it’s own fanpage but doesn’t mean that company owns it. It’s just to instill awareness to inform everyone that a company or a person with that name exists.

Again, if creating a post will make someone feel lighter and happier, it’s fine. But if someone reacted on it and feels offended, it is always best to read them through before reacting right there and then. It’s free to think and doesn’t charge anyone to do it. If there’s no name mentioned, then it’s a blind item. Sometimes, the fun part is guessing what the blind item is. So HAPPY READING AND ENJOY!


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