Protect Yourself from Sugar-coated Evil Manipulation

I guess everyone knows that manipulating people is a grave offense. It may lead to sudden chaos, insecurity, and turmoil. To some, it’s totally unforgivable. It’s something described as appalling in any angle you look at it. However, it is an unavoidable scenario that you can even witness in anyone’s day-to-day interaction with people everywhere. Name it, it’s there.

There are some people who witness these despicable people who find gratification in manipulating people. However, it seems that they chose to be witness and stop from there although in some way, they’re victims themselves. They live in a denial stage to confirm that they’re victimized by these kinds of loathsome people.

Admit it, it’s a shame whenever you admit that you’ve been manipulated by someone. You feel so little, inadequate, and such a gullible fool to fall for such lame acts. Actually, there are many reasons why this happens and still continue to happen. Let’s try to name some of the reasons why:

  • Fear of authority. People such as your boss and those that are older than you. These types of people display a kind of authority that can easily act on anything they want whenever they like. They have this kind of PRIVILEGE. It’s not that easy to say no to your boss, right? Unless, you’re also one of the bosses, you can freely express what you want to say. Otherwise, you’re just like everyone else that simply say, “that’s the boss, hey!”. Another thing is that people feel so intimidated whenever they ask questions to their bosses. Even if it’s a sensible question but when your boss negatively opinionate your question, you tend to shrink and not ask anymore.
  • Altruism conceals Evil. People find it very difficult to criticize an altruist. Actually, this is the most common reason that is happening in most workplaces. You will meet people who exhibit unselfish concern for the welfare of others but if you remove the cloak of this selflessness practice, you will dreadfully say that you’ve been had by a Robinhood act or an altruistic cover up.
  • The accomplice. I guess, there’s no need to elaborate this one. Of course, if you’re an accessory to the crime, you have to ignore that you saw something or someone has been manipulated.
  • The beneficiary. Here’s another one that doesn’t need much explanation. Well, if you’re benefiting from it, you will even protect it at any cost from being flaunted.
  • Difference between emotions and logic. This is how most people get manipulated. Manipulators concentrate on people’s emotions. Once they get to the core, they try to use the susceptible part of them and play them around to the extent of having these people believe that they’re being helped, where in fact, they’re being robbed. Manipulators can act as if they want to goad sympathy, fear, or any kind of emotion that will suit the whole situation.
  • Being Charmed. This happens when the boundaries of sexuality is disregarded.
  • Trust issues? Or Doubt. People who won people’s trust. When manipulators sense that the guard is down, they attack easily. This happens when there is a buy out of trust like trust is being traded with special aids on difficult times.

These are just some of the reasons I know of. So how can we prevent such contemptible manipulation to happen? I’m already hearing a lot saying, “easier said than done.” That may be 100% true. However, how much would it cost you if you’d be victimized? There are some that feel like as if the IRS imposed a garnishment or some kind of levy on their salary. I always believe that all individuals have their own mind to choose and move.

By the way, if you feel that you can still add on the reasons I have pointed out, feel free to do so. I don’t negate opinions. Rather, I welcome them.


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