Professional Ways of Avoiding Workplace Gossips

Humans have the tendency to love rumors. There is this kind of excitement that when a special topic touches your ear, it stimulates the curiosity and awakens the “relay the message” game. However, what if you are or have been always the talk of the town when it comes to workplace or office gossips? Would you happen to think and wonder, “What is it in me that excites these people so much and talk about me in the first place?”

It just so ironic for some people who play innocent and claim that they ignore such gossips. Let’s face it.    Gossips are indeed tempting to listen to and knowing further is even more tempting. They entice people’s curiosity to rise and oftentimes feed their pleasure and make fun of it. However, it is just so sad to see negative results after a widespread of gossip has done.

Well, in a workplace, we always take care of our credibility, competence, and most especially our integrity. This usually goes out to people with higher positions like managers, directors, CEOs, and so and so forth. These people are very prone to office gossips because employees in the company expect that they lead by example.

So let’s try to help out in putting a stop or better yet, avoid these office or workplace gossips to occur. Here are some points to ponder that may help:

• Nurture a positive attitude about your job and the environment around you. This can easily be done by speaking positive and avoid saying negative things to anyone about your job unless you have an intention of changing it using a positive solution. If you are someone holding an important or sensitive position, it is best to lead by example. That is how integrity is known and developed.

• Avoid having special relationships with your subordinates if you are someone who is leading a group. This usually starts a destructive office gossip called conflict of interest. Friends and peer groups could be fine to look at but you should also know that other employees can easily notice some special mentions and treatments not being applied to all.

• We all understand how important our friends to us and your strong relationship in the past. You may have worked with each other and got separated for some reasons. However, it is not ethical to place your friends in promising positions out of nowhere. These kinds of situations usually defeat the true meaning of equal opportunity.

• Understand what goes around comes around. It is best to act your best character in front of everyone. This does not mean you have to please everyone, regardless if you are facing your boss or your staff. It is best not to create a scene or announce any event that do not hold any relevance with what you are doing. Sometimes doing these irrelevant declarations are the ones that let office gossips to come out loose.

• You can try to avoid gatherings with some small cliques or smoking areas. These are common habitats and development areas of workplace gossips. If you cannot avoid these places, you can still use your best action of listening to it but use the best reaction of accepting what the rumors are all about.

• If you are being approached by a rumor. Do not forget to analyze the content of the rumor. However, if you think that the content is foul, you always have a respective department in the office to bring this up to. It could be your manager or the HR department.

• Most importantly, take note that it is inevitable to fall short of integrity. Most of the times, managers and people with higher positions tend to ignore the importance and relevance of integrity. As they hold on to their titles, they appear to forget that character weighs heavier than reputation and continue to be an oxymoron of the workplace gossips themselves.


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