How to Ruin Your Reputation

An individual has his or her own reputation to take care of. It’s a status that develops from the moment a person realizes the things around him, get introduced to competitions, win fights and arguments, and establish a certain kind of character from these different life events.

So what is reputation?

Jeff Bezos said that “It is like a brand for a company and it’s being earned by trying to do hard things well.”

That’s a good definition for that.

So it is something a person works hard for because it builds his or her character being perceived by “many”. And I assume that these “many” are people he or she interacts with in a daily basis.

So it’s being built. Therefore, I assume it can also be destroyed. But how? Well, all we have to do is go back on how it was built. From there, we can find ways on how to ruin it easily.

Here are some significant lines to think about on how to destroy a reputation:

Publilius Syrus said that “a good reputation is more valuable than money.”

For  Baltasar Gracian, “a single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity.”

Then Alexander Pope said, “At ev’ry word a reputation dies.”

If we are to read onto these lines, we can easily detect who can destroy the reputation.Obviously, it is always the person who built it. There are only rare cases that a reputation is destroyed by other people. The one from Baltasar Gracian actually hit the right target. Most common root cause of destruction of reputation is a bucket full of LIES. If we are to find the root cause of this bucket full of lies, we may end up with a lot.

We can say that people LIE because of MONEY.

Or people LIE because of FAME and TITLE.

There are so many things to jot down whenever we want to find out the real reason why people tend to destroy reputation. But the funny thing that usually happens is that most people tend not to realize that they’re already destroying it without them noticing it. They would just realize that they have offended a lot of people already because of what they want to happen. They didn’t notice that their LIES already turned into DECEIT.


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