How to Deal with Annoying Seatmates

Almost everyone experienced having a seatmate. Of course!  You had one in kindergarten, nursery, elementary years, even at work! You cannot get away from having a seatmate. But what if your seatmate is annoying? What do you do?

Well, let me share some of the things I did way back I started doing naughty things. Or should I say, I’m still doing it although I’m already a grown up.

If my seatmate is annoying, I always turn my back on him/her. I started doing this when I was in kindergarten. I can say that almost everyone had that kind of naughty feeling about their seatmate. Most especially, if you really don’t like him/her in the first place. I don’t want to brag but I hate my seatmate before because she was a nobody. Say it so immature but yes. I’m just describing my kindergarten behavior. That’s all.

Next, I remove myself from any crowd that annoying person joins in. Call it immature again but it’s one way of giving myself a break from being annoyed and provoked to become something else by the sight of such annoyance.

Just to break from the immature things, I observe. I look how that annoying person usually does things in his/her own way and try to give myself some reasons why it’s annoying. I do this without overruling my concepts of how annoying his/her actions are.

I kinda extend my understanding that there are people that are indeed born that way and that there is nothing else I can do to change it. In the first place, I don’t have the right to change it.

If worst comes to worst. I confront. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re doing it a professional way. Dealing with annoying people can be a real pain in the neck, especially if the annoying person feels that there’s nothing wrong with what she/he is doing.

There are many other things a person can do to deal with an annoying seatmate. I only mentioned some of things I did and may do if in case I encounter an annoying seatmate. So far, avoidance is still the best for me when dealing with it. This way, I keep myself from provoking myself to act on what is wrong and just pretend that there are kinds of people that exist. It is even best to keep physical violence at bay.


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